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March 14, 2010

Mr. Lucky

Dave, a good client of Chris Cockrill of Two Roses Tattoo in San Diego, asked me to tattoo him when he came by to visit with Chris who worked at our shop today. After drawing up a skull wearing a top hat for him, he noticed my convention banner hanging on the wall in the office. I told him he had come to the right person for the job.

After I was finished tattooing Dave, Chris convinced Sam to get tattooed, so I did a small shield tattoo on his arm. The only person who didn't get tattooed was me it seems, because last time Chris worked at the shop he got a tiger head from me. I really want my lipstick drawing a pentagram, but Chris spent all day tattooing his client and I needed to make it home for dinner.

Next time I swear I am getting my tattoo!

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