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August 18, 2010


Finally, after a lukewarm summer, the heat has come and so have the tattoos. I have been busier at the shop. Been doing some fun tattoos and participated in Eighth Ply, painted two skateboard decks for the S8ology booth at this year's ASR. Then Brent wanted the same thing tattooed on his arm, which was fun to do as well.
Trying to use my film camera a bit more, taking photos of Mack and the house, I even brought it with me to Hunter and Susie's wedding and got some cool low light pictures. It was dusk and Diablo Dimes started his set, luckily I had my table top tri-pod and was able to get the steadiness I needed to get the shots. Too bad I missed the whole ceremony because I thought there was a roll already in the camera. Oops. Well, that's how it goes sometimes and I never claimed to be a professional or anything, but it sure is fun metering light for some reason.

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