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December 2, 2010


"Trixie" had been calling the shop for a few days asking to talk to me but I was busy tattooing, so instead she shared with our apprentice Jon the following fun facts:
-She is not a lesbian, but is in love with a woman and has been for the past three years.
-She had sex with her "girlfriend's" ex-husband out of spite.
-Her "girlfriend's" name is Brenda.
-Brenda just got released from a mental institute.
-Brenda and Trixie are broken up.
Eventually I let her get a hold of me and she came in to see me at the shop. After eight different design changes she decided on just Brenda's name on her cookie. She asked me what I thought about the location choice; I told her it was her tattoo but to keep in mind she might get asked about it depending on her activities.
She said she didn't care about that, but was concerned about her 11 year old daughter seeing it, because they shower together regularly. I told her to just grow out her hair.
Trixie screamed the whole time and cleared the shop of all the men. After she was bandaged and paid up she told me she was "gonna go fuck her (Brenda's) ex."
The next day Trixie called me at the shop wanting to cover up the tattoo.


  1. This is an amazing story...I wish there was camera's rolling on that one. How about a comic strip of that situation. Cuz that is some comical ish... How many teeth did this lady have?

  2. She has all of her teeth surprisingly. My heart sort of went out to her. I mean who hasn't been rejected before?