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January 29, 2011

Upcoming Art Shows

Almost finished with my contribution for this year's Eat Your Art Out. The theme this year is the dark and twisted origins of nursery rhymes. I decided to go with my favorite children's book of all time, Der Struwwelpeter. My mom had a copy that I always looked through when I was a child, which I'm sure my grandmother read to her when she was a child. My mom would roughly translate the poetry for me, but it wasn't until I lived in Germany and studied the language that I gained a better appreciation for the stories.

Hopefully, I can take off a little bit of time from work to make it up north for this show. I opened this flyer attachment in my email today and was stoked to see BJ Betts did the flyer for this show. We have all of his lettering books at the tattoo shop and I look at them every time I draw up any lettering.