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June 13, 2011


In September of 2008 I worked at the LA Tattoo Expo. One of the tattoos I did was this design inspired by some hand-painted, ceramic Mexican owls Rhyanne had brought me.

More recently, Rhyanne found me through my website and came to visit me in the shop and got this sweet little peacock.

William came by and got this script. My tip was the best: Elvis memorabilia.

A longtime, favorite client of mine, Dominique, came in and we added to her tummy tattoos. I found these pretty flowers in a floral design book at the shop and changed the color scheme to fit the space between the script we did last time and the boots from a couple years back.

This candle is also on Dominique. I like the way we made the aura around the flame fit conveniently on her elbow.

And we did this tattoo for her mother. So adorable!


  1. Sara your so awsome and do such great work, and then you add the family element and the care and love you put into it makes you, in my mind truly "The Best" thank you so much!!!

  2. Anonymous, I just read this and my eyes watered. Thank you for noticing and the kind words. I really do my best to stay on the sunny side and hope that it comes out in everything I do :) I wish everyone the happiness I feel in my heart.

  3. Sarah, I love seeing your work! It really is very very good.