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March 4, 2012

Back Fence Society

Last November, I co-curated an art exhibition, Nocturne, at the Gallery 204 in downtown Vista.

After making connections with the Vista Art Foundation, it was clear that they were supportive of anything that brings more creativity to the community. The gallery held an impressive space with the potential for a full scale installation exhibition.

It was a lot of work, but it couldn't have been possible without the efforts and talents of friends and family who came out to help in whatever way they could. I love to see people working together, and it was a great experience to know that bringing culture and inspiration to my hometown was something that could be achieved.

Not long after the conclusion of Nocturne, I began thinking of how to organize more events. We had a great group of people who wanted to keep the momentum rolling and continue hosting events in a fashion that would allow artists to showcase their work in a fun and cohesive way. This led to the creation of the BACKFENCE Society. A group founded on the premise that art is good and we are all motivated by the desire to create something bigger than ourselves. 

This next show is scheduled for Saturday, June 9, 7 pm and is titled Stellar: Art inspired by the cosmos. The theme for this show came from a slight obsession I've had lately with extraterrestrial life and the vast universe we really know so little about.

This exhibition will also be held at the Gallery 204 in downtown Vista.

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