American Tattoo | (760) 639.4545 | 125 Hanes Pl. Vista, CA

August 9, 2012

Day Trippers

Thanks to my awesome friend Heather, I averted a glitch in child care this morning and me and my girlfriends, Mandy and Tiffany, took off to LA for the day.
We began our "fast and loose" trip in Venice, checking out the C.A.V.E. Gallery and perusing some of the eclectic shops along Abbot Kinney Bvld. with my rocking friend Brent. After lunch, we headed east to Hollywood and stopped by Memoir Tattoo.
The shop was amazing and inspiring to say the least, with oil paintings clustering the walls from floor to ceiling while sunlight cascaded down, filling the upstairs space with natural illumination. Tattooer Kim Saigh could not have been more welcoming, allowing me to look over her shoulder as she colored a client's Buddha gold; chit-chatting about indoor plants, work-for-trade, patience and ice cream.
Next stop: American Electric Tattoo in Silver Lake. Taxidermy, moon charts, Bill Ward, chimpanzee portraits and Sailor Jerry decorated some of the walls. I tried to get a small tattoo, but tattooer Tyler Borich was about to end his shift to go on a date. Brent kept him a bit longer with a detailed description of his living situation. A sweet pad with a balcony, gym, pool and fresh coffee every morning.
Driving back to Hollywood we blasted some Rhianna and Jay Z while shouting "PUSS" out the window at pedestrians and honking the horn at anyone from Arizona.

Tattooer Kim Saigh working on a client at Memoir Tattoo.
Always a pleasure to watch over someone's shoulder.
Oil Painting by Kim Saigh.
Books in the back.
Loved the organization at the drawing desk/light table in the back room.
Work space.
Flash at American Electric Tattoo in Silver Lake.