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August 29, 2012

Works in Progress...

Aren't we all?

New candle design.

Lately, I have been focusing a lot of attention (and Chad's attention) on my etsy store. I have listed a few original pieces and most recently added prints of my Three of Swords painting and candles featuring the same design.

Three of Swords, prints.


My friend Tim from LB Skate in Long Beach is throwing another art show at his shop on September 8. I would love to have a new piece to send to him, but I just don't think I'm going to have anything ready in time...but who knows? I do drink a lot of coffee.

Life's A Risk, Don't Be A Joker

I actually started another painting, but I kind of hate it, so I'm throwing it in the reject pile.

I will be sending a new batch of candles, some of my Three of Swords prints, and two older skate deck pieces up to his shop to show.

Work at the tattoo shop has been so good to me lately! A big THANK YOU to all of my amazing clients who keep me busy and push my artistic boundaries.


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  1. I kind of DON'T Hate it....:) She looks like a a Juggalette from the 40's