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September 27, 2012

Back to work

Last weekend I went camping in Bishop, California at a folk music festival called Millpond. I go to this festival every year as a family tradition with my folks; as a teenager I remember dreading going, but now, as an adult I look forward to the time we spend there.

This year was especially enjoyable because my son Mack is three and able to do so much more than previous years. He pretty much refused to nap the entire weekend because he didn't want to miss even one moment of this getaway. He painted a wooden snake, played baseball at dawn, flew a kite, caught some fish, patted Naan bread with the Indian food vendor, hula hooped and made new friends. I beaded earrings on the lawn while the "folkies" danced in the sun and the winds picked up over the Sierra Nevada, signaling the end of summer. It was such a special weekend.

Here is a pair of earrings from last Sunday, now listed in my etsy store.

New earring design.
And, now I'm back at the shop and booking the end of October. Thanks for keeping me busy!

Owen Jensen flash.

My spin on things.

...and done!
 This is a cover up I did a few weeks ago on a real nice guy (can't remember his name, dammit!).


Get out of here.

Good bye.