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September 6, 2012

Lady Americana and Laura's Leg

Chris' Americana pin up.

Chris came in the other week and made an appointment. He wasn't too specific about what he wanted, just that he wanted some type of early Americana, traditional style patriotic pin up. I found some reference in my copy of Vintage Tattoos, cleaned up the drawing, and changed very little. These types of classic tattoos are always so fun to make, especially when a client gives me so much freedom and trust. Originally, Chris wanted the design on his right arm, but instead of trying to squeeze it in next to some pre-existing tattoos, he agreed that it looked better standing on its own on his left arm.

Laura came in and we added in to her traditional, nautical themed leg sleeve. I can't wait until it's all filled in and then we get to add a ton of bold stars and dots.

Laura's leg.

A tall ship in memory of her grandfather.

Newest addition: a lighthouse for her love.