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September 5, 2012

A Gypsy, an Owl and Some Treasures

Kelsie came in yesterday and had me add on to her leg. We did this Owen Jensen gypsy lady head design last time and I was able to get a healed photo. We added this owl to the other side of her calf and a pocket watch to her foot with a simple, graphic chain coming up her ankle.
Kelsie's gypsy, Owen Jensen design
Owl with moon; really like the pink!
Pocket watch on the foot.

And I've started another little project... I found these awesome little frame necklaces. I popped out the cheap cameo and rhinestones and am adding hand painted designs. I will be finishing up some more before I add them to my etsy.

Hand drawing little cameo flash.
For my love of Sagittarians.
...and a hand-drawn monogram design.

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