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October 21, 2012

Vincent Price, a family crest and some recent Etsy listings

Portrait of Vincent Price on Laura.
Got to do this portrait on Laura's Halloween themed leg we've started. I like how high contrast his face is, and I think using a bolder line this time around helped achieve the look I wanted.

Dalis' family crest - lions coming soon.
I did this tattoo the day after my birthday celebration. We ate a whole bunch of crab, drank a whole lot of beer (some people drank Jägermeister or "Trouble Juice" as I like say), took over the karaoke bar down the street, made lobster tacos at two in the morning and woke up singing "Let's Do the Time Warp Again." A great birthday surrounded by even better people.

Adding charms
Little by little I have been chipping away at making these necklaces. Getting better at the resin part of the process at a slow pace. I know if I keep at it, it will get easier - learning to tattoo wasn't any different. Out of the last batch I made, seven total, only three made the cut. And only two got listed.

But I have added cute little thrifted charms to the necklaces, creating an ensemble I hope artsy fashonistas and tattoo enthusiasts will enjoy.

Also this week more prints have been made. I now have listings for Stay Classy (2011), Clown Pussy (2012) and Three of Swords (2010) in my etsy store.

Heartbreaker Tattoo

Stay Classy, Clown Pussy and Three of Swords prints (all avaliable in my etsy store).