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November 24, 2012

Keep on keeping on

Andreas had me replicate works by M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali to cover his chest and shoulder. Next we are going to add portals with ants crawling out. I told him this is one of the most challenging tattoos I have ever done, especially the geometric background. After I finished that session I had to drink three beers so I could relax and stop concentrating. But, Andreas' mother was kind enough to send along with him her Spaetzli recipe, which I found most delicious.

This is Kevin. Kevin was over having his ex-wife on his thigh. He wore a robe to each of our appointments and described himself as an eccentric. Honestly, the robe may have looked funny, but it made my job easier.

Original tattoo by Judy Parker.

See ya later b.

My pieces from On Rotation come down this Monday, but here is a shot of them in all their glory.

Red Flags, BORING! and Life's a Risk, Don't Be a Joker.

Crying Eyes

I'm feeling very energetic coming out of the last art show and started a new painting. My dear friend Mandy pointed out that I am most likely attracted to the clown, joker or jester character because of my card in the tarot deck: the fool.

Work in progress. The Fool.



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