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May 7, 2013


My flight home from Sydney, Australia left around 2:40 pm. I managed one hour of sleep, or may have only shut my eyes for that time, because all I could think about were the greetings I was sure to receive at the airport. After clearing customs, I walked through the doorway and was not disappointed.

"Mama!" Mack yelled as he ran to me with his arms opened; he latched around my neck as I knelt down to hug him back. Tears and smiles came simultaneously. I kissed Chad while he helped me move my bags out of the walkway.

For forty one days I was away from my life.

When I left the states I was so high anxiety. Nervous about the people I would meet. Nervous about my own performance. Nervous for Chad and Mack and how well they were going to handle me being away for so long. Just nervous. After I cleared customs in Sydney, I let the stress melt off of me, took in some deep breaths in the airport bathroom and reapplied my lipstick. I looked in my eyes and remembered my nineteen year old self. The young lady who took off for an entire year. Six weeks I could handle.

A huge thank you to the crew at Inner Vision Tattoo for making me feel so welcome, and of course the owner Cliffe, who was gracious enough to have me stay at his house for the time I was there. A big thank you to Janie, for also making me feel so welcome and for being so sweet.

Janie and Cliffe

I did a lot of walking during my six weeks down under and a lot of eating. I loved my breakfasts at Cafe Giulia on Abercrombie St. I missed drip coffee, but did eventually learn to order a long black with milk on the side. I discovered pancakes with mascarpone and maple syrup. And like we have an abundance of Mexican food in southern California, the Australians have an abundance of Thai food, which I enjoyed almost everyday. I also drank a lot of Cooper's Ale. A good thing I did all that walking because I could have come back home twenty pounds heavier.

Inner Vision Tattoo

Being at Inner Vision was a great experience for me and I feel like I have not only grown as an artist, but also as a business. I appreciate all of the advice Cliffe gave me, as I see the success he has achieved and feel lucky to have had the time and opportunity to listen to him talk about an industry and craft I love so much.

This slide show is from my adventure in Australia. Snapshots from my museum trips and sightseeing, some of the awesome people I met, delicious food I ate and some of the tattoos I made. Enjoy!

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