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September 4, 2013

Ram Skull and Roses

I will be tattooing later this month, September 24 through 30 in Baltimore, Maryland with Jim Judeikis and crew at Saints and Sinners. Feel free to contact either me or the shop if you are interested in getting a tattoo. Thanks.

 Saints and Sinners

My schedule has a six to eight week wait currently for new clients. Please keep this in mind if you would like to schedule an appointment with me. Thanks all y'all.

 Now onto the fun stuff, the tattoos!

Ram skull and roses on Cub.



Cub decided to rejoin Instagram with his appropriate user name, @cubs_back. Here we are hugging for a post on his account.
Sassy pirate babe in denim hot pants, polka dot bikini top and peep toe heels for Kendra.

Sandy on Kendra. Tell me about it stud.

Really cool design for Don. His concept, I just redrew his digital illustration. Representative of the past present and future.

Two headed fox detail.

Saloon gal on Theresa.

Thank you!