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January 31, 2014

Star of Texas

 Sam and I found the sign up for the Star of Texas Tattoo Arts Revival late and called to see if there were booths still, there were. We weighed our options and decided a road trip was in order. We left, with our buddy Brent, Wednesday, January 22, and drove 995 miles to Ft. Stockton, Texas. The Interstate 10 is a long stretch through a whole lot of nothing. 
On Thursday morning we drove another five hours and made in into Austin about three in the afternoon.

F#@* the man. Stop off at the Gopher Hole in Van Horn, TX.

Brent scoping out the sketchy looking fuse box in our motel room in Ft. Stockton, TX.

Attention to detail.

A long drive through west Texas.

Downtown Austin, TX. View from the room.

Blue Ox BBQ at the Buzzmill.

Brent keeping it natch; Sam with his Independent tattoo machines.

Walk up on Friday night. Cover-up on some Pinterest bird silhouettes.

Close-up of Kelsey's anatomical heart.

Bye bye birdies.

Pretty bromeliad in the lobby of the hotel. 


6th Street.

They're sharing. 

Clockwork Orange on at the Jackalope.

Sam's double Jameson on the rocks for the cab ride back to the hotel.

Some dude's awesome thrift store find. He said he paid $16 for the shirt and wouldn't sell it to Brent for anything less than $100.

Adri's foxy lady. I was jammin' on this tattoo; done in about two and a half hours.

Selfie I sent to Chad. I like my eyeshadow and my Kate Moss matte finish orange lipstick.

Valerie's jukebox for her family. "She said fuck it!"

Vickie's gramophone lily with lace.

Dive bar sticker tag.

Adri's oozy, swollen tattoo out on the town Saturday night at the Yellow Jacket.

Couple of drinks at the very crowded Yellow Jacket.

Sunday morning walk to the convention center, crossing the river.

Really tried to sell this one! I was slashing prices!!

Sam's machines.

Brent getting a Blue Oyster Cult tattoo from Max Brown.

"Don't shave my chest hair, trying to keep it natch, doggy."

Jackie Dunn Smith tattooing Olivia Olivier.

Steak dinner in El Paso.

Found Mack his scorpion souvenir at the last pit stop on the way home.
I had a blast Austin, Texas!! Thanks to everybody who got tattooed and everybody I got the have a Lonestar with!

 See ya next year!!!