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March 6, 2014

FRIDAMANIA!, an award, street art and a work in progress

The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach is hosting at their annual Women's Day Festival, FRIDAMANIA! The MOLAA put a call out to female artists to produce works inspired by Frida Kahlo to display digitally at this free event, and to promote their current exhibition Frida Kahlo: Her Photos. The work I submitted was accepted (yeah!) and will be shown virtually at this event.

¿Te Amo? - Gouache & Ink/Paper
 Saturday, February 22 the Civic Gallery held the Vista Visions 2014 group exhibition. One hundred and seventy artists entered this show, of that twenty nine pieces were accepted. Three grand prizes were awarded, as well as ten honorable mentions. My painting, "We Are All Made of Star Stuff" won an honorable mention from the juror Daniel Foster, executive director of the Oceanside Museum of Art. The whole experience was amazing and different from anything I've ever been involved with before.
Mr. Foster had some very insightful things to say about art and what intrigues him as a juror. I was able to talk to him one on one as the show was wrapping up and listen to his interpretation of my work and other artists in the show. He enjoyed the transition I made with my "star dots" to create the shape of the skull, including the definition I made for the teeth; he appreciated the trickiness of succeeding at making the image of space and skull separate well. He felt that the painting invited the viewer to look deeply into the piece, capturing the attention of my audience, which is what he looks for more than technical perfection, though technical perfection does have it's own merit when it comes to art. I talked with him about the similar values I hold for tattoos, and quoted some very prominent tattooers who think along the same lines; Horiyoshi III describes this idea as "essence."
This show is available for viewing until April 3, 2014 at the Civic Center in Vista.

Civic Center Gallery
With my painting and my honorable mention!!
 I am currently working on a beautifying this utility box. I am hopefully one more session from having it completed, yeah! If you or someone you know would be interested in painting a utility box in Vista, please send me an email and I can send you a form to complete and send to the public art commission. This project has no deadline and is open to the public.

I'll post better pictures when I'm finished, and share all the fun stories of the traffic I've watched pass me by while I am working.
A couple of months ago, a friend of a friend contacted me about painting his daughter's Keep-a-Breast cast. He said there was no due date, so I am taking my sweet time with this one, chipping away at it a few hours a week late in the evenings.

In progress, hoping to be done by the summer, ha!