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September 19, 2014

Space Coyote Mural

 Last Saturday, during the inaugural Alley Art Festival, I painted the Avo Theater in downtown Vista with the help of approximately one hundred and twenty eight festival attendees.

The process started back in April when I designed the mural and submitted it for approval from the city of Vista and the Vista Public Art Commission. On Friday, September 13, I met with my friend Justin Frankfather, owner Frankfather Painting, and we sprayed out the background with black and overlaid purple space gas throughout. Justin painted the bar about twenty feet in the air and then challenged me to climb the ladder and add the bows from which the planets would later hang. Not gonna lie, that shit was unnerving. Justin on the other hand, practically ran up the ladder the whole morning, like a boss. But I did it, laughing in my mind, telling myself it would be totally worth it if I fell. Not really. But that's what you tell yourself when you are twenty five feet in the air on a shaky piece of metal.

A big thank you to Robert Bennett, photographer, for this time lapse photography.

Back of the Avo Theater. Very honored Chor Boogie added a Boogie Bird to the outer space scene.

After the background was complete my husband and I chalked out the rest of the design. All of the planets, the sun and the Space Coyote.

During the festival participants wrote their names on a list before adding their hands to the project. The only brush work done was by me after everyone colored in the subject matter.

This project was like nothing I have ever done before. I was truly inspired by some of the participants and enjoyed watching them have so much fun making art in and with their community. Collaboration is an amazing, magical thing to witness, and I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to lead such a task in my hometown.