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July 16, 2015

Busy, busy, busy

I've been just as busy as ever and loving every minute! I recently became a Public Arts  Commissioner for the City of Vista, making me even more active in the arts scene of my hometown. Last June, the Backfence Society and the Hill Street Country Club  held a group art exhibition at an old lawn mower shop on S. Santa Fe Ave. It was our most successful effort to date; a thousand attendees came out that night and we helped raise $1800 for the Vista Art Foundation and its next event the Alley Art Festival. The festival will take place September 5 from 11 am to 9 pm in historic downtown Vista.

Yours Truly at Get Weird! Photo by Jen Acosta

I am making another mural in the downtown of Vista during the festival and am looking for community involvement. If you are interested in helping paint "Hunting Cat" please sign up to be a volunteer. To find out more about the festival please visit

Hunting Cat mural planned for the side of Crozier's Flowers in downtown Vista on Main St.

"Space Coyote" from last year.
For me, the funny (or maybe the torturous) thing about being an artist is that you never feel like you are making enough. But then, I go through the photo album on my phone and sit down at the computer to add pictures (finally) and there really is quite a bit of work to sift through. 

Some recent-ish works:
Finally finishing this Keep-a-Breast cast I was given to paint two years? ago. Not even sure if I'm done with this thing yet.
Krampus, December 2014

Gary and my dad holding his "Gary" painting.

Bounty, March 2015 - SOLD

Fresa Segrada, May 2015
Mural work at GET WEIRD!
Mural work at GET WEIRD!
Mural work at GET WEIRD!
Work in progress.
I've done a few conventions this year, and a guest spot in Petaluma at Aces Over Eights, which has been a blast. I've been lucky enough to visit Austin, Baltimore. Prescott, Tulsa, and next I'll be in Chicago at the end of August. Thank you to everyone who gets tattooed here at home and where I've visited. I feel so lucky!!
Here are some tattoos I wanted to share.