Your Tattoos Are Your Extension

Tattoos have almost become TOO fashionable these days. Everyone wants one just because they know someone who has one and is either envious of them or their confidence.

So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, think again and ask yourself, why do you want one? Is there something specific that you would like to express to the world? Something about your personality or your appreciation for a loved one? Or is it just because a lot of other people you know seem to be getting them and seem like they enjoy it?

Your reason for getting a tattoo is closely associated with the likelihood (or the unlikelihood) of you regretting that decision in a few years. Think of your tattoo as an extension to your arm (even if the tattoo is not necessarily on your arm). It must be something you believe in and something that you are very less likely to ever regret because it is that much closer to who you are as a person and as an individual. This is the beauty of tattoo artistry.

Now, of course, you can never guarantee this 100% that you will never regret it. But you can make certain assertions based on the information you have right now. People do change with time so 10 years of now, you may well be a different person with a different set of beliefs and ideas that you hold so dear now. So you might want to have those tattoos removed then. But right now, no one knows you better than yourself.

You want to rely on that information and make the decision yourself rather than letting the outside world dictate to you.

That is what tattoos were all about! Expressing your ideas and your individuality from inside and designing your tattoo accordingly. Not for mimicking or trying to fit into groups. Remember that when you are making your decision!